Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Indian web startups

Disclaimer: This list contains some of our team's projects

Sites that are useful and usable
  1. - created by a single person and serves useful to quickly find availability in Indian trains
  2. ClearTrip - seems to be inspired by many other sites like Vayama, but able to get better UI
  3. RediffMail - speed is the big boost
  4. Myntra - good idea, but poor UI
  5. redBus - good idea, but poor UI and execution
  6. Sites from The Times Group are also of good idea, but poorly executed/architected. They clearly try and target the web startup "gap"

Sites that are innovative (world's first/never seen before kind)
  1. SocialAV - World's first and only antivirus building community (by our team)
  2. CSSilize - World's first and only project management tool for slicing works (by our team)
  3. jobreapr - World's first and only fixed price job search engine (by our team)

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