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Killers of Rajiv Gandhi - consolidated list with references

This is part of my  Save Perarivalan  series. Who killed Rajiv Gandhi?... There are lots of theories about the killers. But, still Perarivalan and others are sentenced to capital punishment and few want them to be hanged. So, here is the consolidated list of Rajiv Gandhi killers--according to various theories: Sonia Gandhi according to Subramanian Swamy. In his book Do You Know Your Sonia?, which is available online in Janata Party website, Subramanian Swamy alleges Sonia’s relationship with Madhavrao Scindia and LTTE. Reference:  Madhavrao’s friendship continued even after Sonia’s marriage to Rajiv... My investigations into Sonia’s involvement in Rajiv’s assassination is therefore necessary. I am also author of a best seller titled Assassination Of Rajiv Gandhi—Unasked Questions and Unanswered Queries[published by Konark in 2000] in which I have given some indications of this possible conspiracy. --  Do You Know Your Sonia? - by Dr. Subramanian Swamy However, Sleuth Without