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Bookmarklet: Mozilla/Firefox unicode rendering bug

Bug #270012 is long time opening in Firefox and got bunch of duplicates. Tamil and other Indian texts are getting broken on "text-align: justify;" Fix #270012 The above bookmarklet can be used on such broken pages to fix rendering and I've been using it for a long time. Though there is a Greasemonkey script available, I still prefer my bookmarklet as it is tidy.

BehaviorS.js - An alternative to Behaviour.js, event:Selectors and Low Pro libs for unobtrusive JavaScript programming

BehaviorS.js yet another unobtrusive JavaScript library similar to Behaviour.js and event:Selectors but in implementation uses hash based lookup without extending elements; so presumably it should be faster than the rest. The original script and idea was by JLof ; I extended it for DOMContentLoaded support, optimized a bit to avoid scanning of more depths, and added new rules support. I wanted to document the plug a long time and just got time to do it. For the time being BehaviorS.js is available here Update (2006-09-11) : Coralized the link to BehaviorS.js so as to save the load on free webpage Update (2006-09-27) : If the coralized link to BehaviorS.js doesn't work, use