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Comparison and review of MacBook cases and brands

Of late, I have worked on the development of , a website that sells cases, sleeves, covers, bags, etc for Apple MacBook Air/Pro, iPhone, etc. Because of that, people started to ask questions about cases and their reviews. I'll try to summarize my answers here: i-Blason Vs iBenzer -- what is the premium brand and why? Both i-Blason and iBenzer are from the USA. Hence, both are priced around Rs.3,000/- to Rs.8,000/-  i-Blason is relatively an established brand (and so, they're popular in social media) iBenzer is relatively new compared to i-Blason. But, cost wise and quality wise, iBenzer is much superior to i-Blason. For example, Hexpact by iBenzer is an award winning design at the CES At, we have not received a single return and complaints for iBenzer. But, many times, we have received complaints and returns from customers for i-Blason. What MacBook Pro/Air case would you recommend and why? I would personally recommend iBenzer cases witho