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Why Google PR is quirky -- Google PR bug

Recently I have been informed that the PageRank provided by pagerankstatus , a Firefox extension is different from official Google Toolbar. Since, I have been slightly involved with the development of this extension, I have studied the reason behind it. Example Target site: Pagerankstatus's PR: 4 Official Google Toolbar's PR: 0 Reason: Google's bug Analysis Pagerankstatus What pagerankstatus requests: ...features=Rank:FVN... What Google returns: Rank_1:1: 4 Official Google Toolbar (IE) What Google Toolbar requests: ...features=Rank:... What Google returns: Rank_1:1: 0 Official Google Toolbar (FF) What Google Toolbar requests: ...features=Rank... What Google returns: Rank_1:1: 0 Google info XML file : PR inside XML file: 4 ( This might be the right PR. Same as of pagerankstatus. ) Conclusion (Google bug) Official Google Toolbar has downgraded the category/directory option; that's why now not sending "FVN" as "FVN"

How to pronounce Opera

To my knowledge, most of the people here in India pronounce Opera as Oh-pe-raah. Some software professionals just started a new version of pronunciation: Oh-pey-raah. Because of the confusion, I decided to ask the Opera developers. To my surprise, they told me the right pronunciation of Opera is the first one in That is, the right pronunciation is AH-per-ah Links How to pronounce Opera? Opera pronunciation (first audio file) Opera Web Browser

Google implemented my suggested features!

It's quite ironic. But, once I had shown enormous interest in Google and did post my suggestions at What I suggested Currency converter They did implement it. Great:) Sitemap -- a sitemap of a given site. They rather implemented different feature named sitemap protocol (pinging spider) Skins They did implement it differently Search old sites Not yet implemented Advanced interface for Google Groups Unfortunately, they implemented GG2 (broken) :( But, sadly they didn't fix many bugs that I have reported. Here is one such bug list on broken GG2 ( )