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Buying curse aka house in Chennai

" All owned house people in Chennai are lunatic ", some strangers were discussing in a bus. Since, I was reading Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose , book by Derek Prince , I thought little deeper on this. While analyzing on this topic, I have noted that the people of own house in Chennai are restless, have problematic personal and family life, prone of unexpected failures. Raju Murugan , once wrote about sons of Chennai soil in Ananda Vikatan magazine in which he's explained how these people are exploited and chased away from their own-native places. While correlating Derek Prince's doctrine and Raju Murugan's writing, I think, there are some curses.

UI/UX research: workflow-based filter

Workflow-based filter in GroupDeal I'm quite proud that the workflow-based filter was first introduced by our team. It is now becoming popular and being adopted by many websites. Workflow-based filter first introduced in CSSilize When looking back... 3-years ago, when our team architected CSSilize , the game changer PSD to XHTML project management tool , to show the workflow of project statuses and to show the number of projects in that statuses this unique filter was first introduced after much of discussions, brainstorming and research.

P. A. Sangma as a President!

I'm a great fan of P. A. Sangma . About 10-years ago, I created/started his Wikipedia page. I'm glad to see the quotes I have added then are still there: " Adventurism is easy, but restraint is far more difficult. " - Against nuclear weapons in Lok Sabha debate " Do you want to kill the whole world nine times? Do you want to kill the whole world 13 times? And, how can you kill a person a second time? " - Against nuclear weapons in Lok Sabha debate