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TRP mafia and Anna Hazare -- best critic from Settaikkaran

Lately, friend of mine texted me to read Arundhati Roy's I'd rather not be Anna article published in The Hindu newspaper. Previously I too blogged on the topic and it once received huge traffic . I always boast myself that Tamil has huge number of authors who can get to depth . Though there are lots of critical views on Anna Hazare issue, the best critic I have read is from Settaikkaran blog  "உண்ணா" ஹஜாரேயும் ஊழல் எதிர்ப்பு நாடகமும் As long as we have such in-depth articles in Tamil, we may not get victimized by TRP mafia of north India.

Save Perarivalan, killer of Rajiv Gandhi (?!)

Perarivalan's MCA degree has drawn my attention on his case. I thought of digging little deeper on this. He is one of the convicted persons on Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, sentenced to death/ capital punishment . Perarivalan's Judgment Search for "Arivu" (Perarivalan's alias) on the final judgment by Supreme Court titled " State Of Tamil Nadu Through ... vs Nalini And 25 Others on 11 May, 1999 " and then compare the judgment of any acquitted person on the list. It seems that all are weighted equally on the case, but Perarivalan's got death sentence. I then searched over and found a Tamil blog dated January 7, 2007 where he explains his case as " Rejected Justice ". English version of his text/book is available in slideshow format " An Appeal from The Death Row " Possible reasons for his innocence After reading judgment file and his blog/book, it all looks like: He's a guy with D