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Hacking new technology

Our team always used to hit the edge cases quickly... Some technologies might be there for years, but when we start hacking, we'll immediately come across a situation that might faced only by veterans. Our experience with Delphi (one of the coolest technologies), ASP.NET MVC , MonoRail/ASP.NET , iPhone/Android programming proved that. This time, with another new technology... fingers crossed...

Blockade for "Save Perarivalan"

My post Save Perarivalan was sadly late, but one of the earlier posts written in English. I have also tried my best to translate popular conspiracy theories on Rajiv Gandhi assassination . Fortunately that seem to have worked well and the post got more attention -- especially news like this: The noose and their views [Mid Day, November 4, 2011] started to appear. Recently I have noticed traffic to the page with referrer links http://x.x.x.x:15871/cgi-bin/blockOptions.cgi?ws-session=xxx -- meaning the page is blocked using Websense . When I resolved the IPs, shockingly they're from some big IT companies!