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Zend PHP Certification – Economic Indian Price

I wanted to take the Zend PHP Certification Exam when it was launched itself, but couldn't afford to its price. It costs 200 USD—about 8,724 INR as per Yahoo!'s currency converter . This is too costly. There will always an economic price for books and exams in India. The price is too costly to afford. Especially vast majority of PHP Programmers in India are underpaid. (Unfortunately, other domain guys earn about 5-10 times more than PHP guys. But, the price is still costly for anyone.) Microsoft's economic pricing for MCP in India is 50 USD, which originally costs 125 USD in US. Though the price is still costly, it seems to be ok. Again some testing centers provide up to 40% discounts on that amount (the discount is seasonal and depends upon the business model of the center) SUN's exams cost 90 USD to 150 USD. Though, there is no economic pricing available now, the testing centers provide up to 40% discounts. One should note that the earning power of these

comp.lang.php FAQ

It's really fascinating to contribute to the FAQ compilation in c.l.php. Once I wanted and compiled few questions and answers, but lost some stuff in poor CD — even I intentionally deleted, as I wasn't convinced about the quality. The recent compilation work kicked off by John Dunlop and Chung Leong is really evolving. My contribution is now trivial and wishes to contribute more questions—but badly need someone to correct my sluggish English:-( By contributing some questions, I've benefited by readers' feedbacks. Progress/status bar for file uploading I'd thought implementing pure PHP progress bar for file uploading (without patch hack or Perl hack) is impossible. But, Chung Leong proved that PHP CLI can be used for the progress bar and hence the pure PHP progress bar is achievable. This is really cool. Links Chung's demo FAQ Thread