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Want better housing / home loan in India?

When one of my friends wanted home loan, it was taking a big mess as bank was asking lot of paper work. Now, I came across good bank contacts and so if any of you want home loan, message your contact number in comments section below. Note that your comments will not be published and your contact numbers will be shared with my contacts for further processing.

AI/ML in Flipkart--CTO Talk event experience

Our team has done some Machine Learning projects. When it comes to recommendation system, my favorite has been so far PredictionIO which was based on Apache Mahout (Now they have switched to Spark). I was also avidly learning Machine Learning for some time. My boss suggested me to attend the CTO Talk event hosted by OrangeScape. Its first session is “AI/ML in Flipkart” by Flipkart CTO Ravi Garikipati. As I mentioned earlier , I always had my skepticism towards these buzz words.  But, this presentation changed my perspective for good. Event The event started with welcome note by Rajesh Manickadas, Head of Engineering, OrangeScape. Then OrangeScape CEO Suresh Sambandam quickly introduced and handed over to Ravi Garikipati. Flipkart CTO Ravi Garikipati Ravi explained his journey from TCS in 1988 to IBM, Oracle, etc. He explained his earlier attempts of AI based virtual assistant for [24]7. Also, quickly connected with the audience through his remark about his connection with Chen