Tuesday, December 28, 2004

RTaKeyman Bookmarklet v2.0

The above bookmarklet is for English to Tamil transcription. This should work like a Input Method Editor on web page forms. The first version I tried didn't work well and so this bookmarklet version.

  • 2.0 2004-12-27
  • 1.0 2004-12-12
  • Make a bookmarklet with the above link.
  • Point to a web page where you want to enter Tamil characters and click the bookmarklet. This will initialize the keyman for that page.
  • Then start typing on the forms; RTaKeyman will transcribe the characters whenever it sees a space, carriage return and tab.
  • Turning on/off keyman (i.e., to enter both Tamil and English).
  • Help and other user interfaces.
  • Sundar for informing the necessity and for being a beta tester


Sundar said...

Keyman works great. That is what I wanted. Thanks.

Sudar said...

Nice one buddy...

R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah said...

Sundar and Sudar: Thanks for your kind words.

Sundar said...

Rajesh, your help is utmost needed for a fledgling Tamil project. Please take some time to see the s/w requirement at

ycc2106 said...

This is not spam:
I listed you up on my bookmarklet page!
Hope you don't mind.