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Royalty for developers - need open source App Store

In the developer world, royalty concept is not widespread, but glad that Apple has introduced the royalty through App Store. What's in royalty? You--the developer code a piece of logic for a company and it get sold and start milking; but you don't get anything even if it sells more than million copies. Apple's App Store is a novel concept that the developer acts as a company and directly gets sales commission. Why royalty is important? A book author gets royalty, a film maker gets it, an artist gets it--but not a developer. A developer has to code, code, code to live. Who can change the scenario? After open source revolution, I think, it's time for "royalty revolution". We need a movement like "free software movement" by Richard Stallman to take the royalty concept to all developers. In short, we need an open source "App Store"