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Rajiv Gandhi assassination, conspiracy theories in English

This is part of my Save Perarivalan series. In Tamil, we have lots of news articles available on the conspiracy theories surrounding Rajiv Gandhi assassination, investigation, Subramanian Swamy's alleged involvement, Chandraswami's alleged involvement, P. Chidambaram's alleged involvement, Jain Commission report, other countries' alleged involvement, etc. But in English, we have very few articles available on the topic: The Deadly Duo  Crucial evidence linking Chandraswami to the Rajiv case went missing from Rao's PMO. Outlook investigates. Outlook Magazine, dated November 24, 1997 The Scoop Is Ours  THE Jain Commission's interim report on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination has created a furore in political circles and hogged the headlines in all major national dailies. Outlook Magazine, dated November 24, 1997 Dusty Trail  TWELVE extensions in six years and no sign of the final report yet. Outlook Magazine, dated November 24, 1997 "Some Files Weren

Afzal Guru might be innocent -- Savukku

I have stopped reading ( Once I called it as WikiLeaks of India ) for sometime-- when it started J.J. evangelism after the state elections. But, recently, when I checked, it seems to be back to its core journalism with good hidden truths on Pramakudi incident and articles on death penalty. Its article on Afzal Guru is first of its kind in media--especially when everyone is crying foul to hang him. In மரண தண்டனையை ஒழிப்போம் 4 (Let's stop death penalty, Part 4) article, it highlights counter theory about police brutality. I have noted that majority of the information are already available on the book written by Afzal Guru available online from website--but not prominent in mainstream media.

Beyond Groupon Now -- Street marketing platform in GroupDeal

Our team has developed GroupDeal, group buying software platform that powers many Groupon competitor sites. Being ours is the first and popular groupon clone in the market, our team introduced many new features. Like I already pointed out , we added self service merchant login in the first version itself and Groupon introduced the same feature--much later as Groupon 2.0. By August 2011, our team introduced another killer feature termed as "GroupDeal Live". It is more than Groupon's Groupon Now: It has street marketing ability. With it, merchants can create deals for the (sudden) crowd. By looking at merchant control panel, they can find the users around their shops and branches. The users are classified into Normal/Web Users and iPhone Users--and so, merchants can identify the new crowd. They can then create deals to attract the online crowd. The platform will be of huge help during any procession or sudden crowd in any branches. I hope, Groupon will adop

Rise of chatterbox men

I have lamented many times about rise of hypocritical smile among men --because of the fad for imported soft skills. Earlier, girls used to have these characteristics: Smiling and laughing without reasons Being chatterbox Being shy to stand alone (often pairing with other girls, during events) In recent times, guys acquired all these characteristics, while girls have acquired the opposite. Recently, I happened to attend one pooja function and majority of the men couldn’t stop chatting even during worship time.