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Why Google PR is quirky -- Google PR bug

Recently I have been informed that the PageRank provided by pagerankstatus , a Firefox extension is different from official Google Toolbar. Since, I have been slightly involved with the development of this extension, I have studied the reason behind it. Example Target site: Pagerankstatus's PR: 4 Official Google Toolbar's PR: 0 Reason: Google's bug Analysis Pagerankstatus What pagerankstatus requests: ...features=Rank:FVN... What Google returns: Rank_1:1: 4 Official Google Toolbar (IE) What Google Toolbar requests: ...features=Rank:... What Google returns: Rank_1:1: 0 Official Google Toolbar (FF) What Google Toolbar requests: ...features=Rank... What Google returns: Rank_1:1: 0 Google info XML file : PR inside XML file: 4 ( This might be the right PR. Same as of pagerankstatus. ) Conclusion (Google bug) Official Google Toolbar has downgraded the category/directory option; that's why now not sending "FVN" as "FVN"

How to pronounce Opera

To my knowledge, most of the people here in India pronounce Opera as Oh-pe-raah. Some software professionals just started a new version of pronunciation: Oh-pey-raah. Because of the confusion, I decided to ask the Opera developers. To my surprise, they told me the right pronunciation of Opera is the first one in That is, the right pronunciation is AH-per-ah Links How to pronounce Opera? Opera pronunciation (first audio file) Opera Web Browser

Google implemented my suggested features!

It's quite ironic. But, once I had shown enormous interest in Google and did post my suggestions at What I suggested Currency converter They did implement it. Great:) Sitemap -- a sitemap of a given site. They rather implemented different feature named sitemap protocol (pinging spider) Skins They did implement it differently Search old sites Not yet implemented Advanced interface for Google Groups Unfortunately, they implemented GG2 (broken) :( But, sadly they didn't fix many bugs that I have reported. Here is one such bug list on broken GG2 ( )

Getting Deer Park Alpha 1 extensions

I've finally decided to test Mozilla Deer Park Alpha 1 (Firefox 1.1a1). The browser is really cool. They've changed the icon/logo --this is sometimes confusing. Apart from that, the major problem is incompatibility with existing extensions--which can mostly be solved by bumping targetApplication's maxVersion . I did bumping for few extensions, but finally decided to search for a bit. Interestingly I found few wonderful resources; the best among is ' Unarmed ' of mozillaZine forum's PHP script and his online service . The online bumping service is really great; it gets the URL of the extension and the version to be applied in the GET and gives you the bumped/hacked extension. Many extensions worked well--including the popular Web Developer / Webdeveloper extension ; sadly the HTML Validator extension didn't work even after bumping. Having heavily inspired by the online bumping service, I have written a bookmarklet to access the service. I think the PHP s

PHP 10 miles

It's glad to know PHP is been alive for 10 years. PHP originally written by 27-year-old Rasmus Lerdorf and released in June 8, 1995 is now in PHP 5.0.4. I think, I hadn't seen any computers when PHP 1.0 was released (in 1995). My memory says I picked PHP around late 2000 or early 2001. One important thing I have noticed at this time is: PHP 1.0 wasn't a bunch of Perl scripts as many often quote; it was " set of small tight cgi binaries written in C " Links news: 3r7pgp$ Announcing the Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) version 1.0. Long Live PHP! - Ilia Alshanetsky Photo of Rasmus Lerdorf with his wife Christine

"PHP 5 Power Programming" Free in PDF

The book PHP 5 Power Programming is now available free of cost in downloadable PDF format at Bruce Perens' Open Source Series promotion site. Along with this book, a lot of other books are also available there for free! Details ISBN: 0-13-147149-X 2005. Pages: 720 Authors: Andi Gutmans , Stig Sæther Bakken , and Derick Rethans Download location: Perens Series Page (PDF) License: Open Publication License File size: 9.6MB Original price: $39.99 Edition: 2005

Update[1]: Zend PHP Certification – Economic Indian Price

As I blogged earlier , the Zend PHP Certification price is too high to afford in India and I contacted Daniel Kushner, Director of Education Zend Technologies Ltd. Recently Daniel Kushner and Idan Zuckerman (Zend) informed me that they're working with Pearson to fix the Indian price. In the meantime they said that they could offer me a voucher for 120 USD (original price is 200 USD). Though now I can afford to 120 USD, it is still high (MCP costs only 50 USD) for any Indian PHP guys. Anyway, I think it's a great improvement and I really applaud their efforts. I have planned to get the voucher after 1-month time though it has 6-month validity—as I have to prepare for the exam first. I have also been asked to refer friends and colleagues for this 120 USD offer. If you want to avail this offer, please buzz me (only India based PHP guys).

Tim Van Wassenhove's (PHP) Blogmarks

Tim Van Wassenhove , a c.l.php regular maintains wonderful blogmarks . Most of the blogs are PHP related and it is faster to access than my Sage, RSS reader . It is interesting to see that Tim has blogmarked my—this simple blog too:) IMHO, it would be better to display timestamps along with the links and to have a TOC of blogs in the top.

Zend PHP Certification – Economic Indian Price

I wanted to take the Zend PHP Certification Exam when it was launched itself, but couldn't afford to its price. It costs 200 USD—about 8,724 INR as per Yahoo!'s currency converter . This is too costly. There will always an economic price for books and exams in India. The price is too costly to afford. Especially vast majority of PHP Programmers in India are underpaid. (Unfortunately, other domain guys earn about 5-10 times more than PHP guys. But, the price is still costly for anyone.) Microsoft's economic pricing for MCP in India is 50 USD, which originally costs 125 USD in US. Though the price is still costly, it seems to be ok. Again some testing centers provide up to 40% discounts on that amount (the discount is seasonal and depends upon the business model of the center) SUN's exams cost 90 USD to 150 USD. Though, there is no economic pricing available now, the testing centers provide up to 40% discounts. One should note that the earning power of these

comp.lang.php FAQ

It's really fascinating to contribute to the FAQ compilation in c.l.php. Once I wanted and compiled few questions and answers, but lost some stuff in poor CD — even I intentionally deleted, as I wasn't convinced about the quality. The recent compilation work kicked off by John Dunlop and Chung Leong is really evolving. My contribution is now trivial and wishes to contribute more questions—but badly need someone to correct my sluggish English:-( By contributing some questions, I've benefited by readers' feedbacks. Progress/status bar for file uploading I'd thought implementing pure PHP progress bar for file uploading (without patch hack or Perl hack) is impossible. But, Chung Leong proved that PHP CLI can be used for the progress bar and hence the pure PHP progress bar is achievable. This is really cool. Links Chung's demo FAQ Thread