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Showing posts from December, 2009

Photo got published in Puthiyathalaimurai magazine

The photo once I collected from late Sujatha Rangarajan , which is a class/college photo of Sujatha and Abdul Kalam was featured in the center page of Puthiyathalaimurai magazine

Humble Award - RJ Yazh Sudhakar

Yazh Sudhakar , of Suryan FM is the best radio jockey for Tamil. His modulation and pronunciation are brilliant. His voice is really superb amongst other crappy "fast forward voices". Links: யாழ் சுதாகர் கவிதைகள்

Humbe Award - RJ Joshua

Recently, I don't listen to RJ Joshua of AIR FM, Chennai (I'm not even sure if the program still exists). As the way he conducts the program especially for his positive words, he's the best RJ I have ever tuned to. I wish him to be more famous.