Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Madurai food Vs Nagercoil food

There's huge cry that Madurai idlis are best. Having stayed in Madurai for 7-years, I can give assurance that they're crap. Madurai foods (especially available in hotels) are of poor hygiene and poor in taste. But, I always like the people--they're friendly and helping.

My favorite is always Azad Hotel's (Nagercoil, near Tower Junction) chicken kothu parotta. Nagercoil food like aviyal, samba (red) rice, etc are always good and healthy as they're cooked in coconut oil and with high hygiene--even in hotels.


Anand said...

Am not a great fan of madurai food either... But there are couple of new joints which are really awesome... Let me know when you make it to madurai next time... I'll suggest some places...

Madurai Machan said...

There are very good hotels in Madurai, may be that you have not explored much. I can suggest you many if you are visiting Madurai again!