Sunday, April 24, 2011

HRM systems diagnostic checklists

For last couple of days, I have tried to get overall idea about appraisal system in other companies and materials about appraisals. While checking, I came across an interesting checklist and warning indicators:

Your organization is more than likely in trouble if any of the following holds true:
  • chronic industrial relations problems
  • no means of resolving employee grievances
  • increasing / erratic employee turnover
  • increasing number of customer complaints
  • no pride in the organization
  • inter-group conflicts
  • no career paths for ambitious talented employees
  • dissatisfaction with pay and conditions
  • unclear job roles
  • no clear performance measures
  • quality is unimportant
  • bad product service / delivery records
  • poor recruitment standards / practices
  • no management development programs
  • no induction training for new employees
  • critical skill shortages
  • inter-departmental conflict
  • you do not know if any of the above are applicable
  • you ignore any of the above

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