Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't remove the wisdom tooth

The inspiration for this post is a post by Peter Claridge

You're nearing 25 years, you've got painful wisdom tooth growth, you're even getting high fever due the pain, your dentist is asking Rs.15,000/- plus for removal/extraction and showing scientific papers claiming that wisdom tooth is unnecessary growth... First of all don't pluck it--unless you hit very very very serious problem.

I was also about fell prey for one dentist whom tried to convince me a lot for the extraction surgery. With some sort of hesitation, I had to inform it to my Mom that time. She immediately suggested me to rinse with salt water and take mild foods for about 1-week. She strongly insisted that the pain will definitely go in 1-week time. To my surprise, that did really work for me. So, far I have suggested that to many people and all of them were about to have the surgery scheduled.

Are you still going to pluck the wisdom tooth or just treating it with salt water rinsing?

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