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RIP: MOOC materials; the coronavirus effect

Coronavirus (Covid 19 caused by SARS-CoV-2) pandemic and lockdown disrupted lives and market in a completely unexpected manner. One market that seen a spike during lockdown is MOOC and online education.

What I realized of late is that many of these MOOC materials are not suitable for remote viewing. I have taken a couple of courses in random pseudonyms in Coursera and also another one in my real name in PadhAI conducted by IIT faculties. Most of these materials were recorded in a way as if they teach in physical classrooms. Because of that reason, they're very tiring to watch; they lack some basic video editing. Compare that to animated education videos posted to YouTube.

One exception to this MOOC material is MIT 6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning (I'm yet to watch them all though)

Classical teaching jobs are in danger

These days schools are starting up online classes that follow materials similar to these MOOCs. Students are finding hard to follow them as they're used to YouTube videos. So, based on feedback, schools started to switch to a readymade library of videos. This in turn poses danger to many teaching jobs.


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