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NDAs and contributor-restrictions crippled Indian IT

NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) is a common requirement in the Indian IT sector. So outsourcing clients indirectly forced the companies not to disclose the projects and other specifics. This in turn restricted many developers from contributing to the open-source and other community efforts.

New age developers and NDAs

I recently stumbled upon a resume of a fresher based in Chennai whose resume filled with speaker portfolios. Though the experience and meetup topics didn't look attractive, the overall presentation of the profile was great. In fact, that seems to have helped them to get a new attractive offer.

In the Indian IT scene, the new fad is Product Management. Most of the young wannabe product managers are now speaking and presenting in many meetups. So nowadays it looks like these folks are not following NDAs or the clients have become lenient.

International scenario

I also stumbled upon highly talented Nadieh Bremer and Sara Soueidan websites. In fact, Nadieh Bremer has created a new field and released her works in MIT license. Sara's profile is slightly arrogant in the Indian context, but that opened up her lots of opportunities. In my opinion, all these opportunities may not be possible if there's a strict NDA as we had.


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