Sunday, August 17, 2008

Open source PHP frameworks and problems

I was using CakePHP for sometime and proposed CakePlus, another UIMS toolkit on the top of CakePHP but also altering some problematic core of it. The thread should explain the outcome of the post. And, then I noted Akelos framework has most of the things built in.

Issues with frameworks esp. CakePHP

  • Scalability not a priority - Developers aren't aware that we can't throw more and more hardware

  • Excessive use of regular expressions

  • Evangelist isn't aware that the framework throws many queries unnecessarily

  • More memory consumption - 100M would never be enough for a simple project

  • Poor coding standards and practices - Prolong use of extract() often leads to more memory consumption

  • Can't use the native approaches or baked codes. The override approach always lead to hard to debug codes

  • Poor architected codes and no clear defined approaches. People belong to the cult drives the direction and often throws unprofiled codes. No native provision to share codes between M-V-C and no distinction between "libs" and "vendors".

  • Overlooked wrappers

  • Community - Only few are educated, majority overlook the common application features, some freelancers use it for networking and sycophancy to get jobs

  • Not actually open source

Update (2008-09-01): Follow-up


GrumpyCanuck said...

Hold on can you say that CakePHP is not Open Source? The source code is made freely available to anyone who wants it.

It seems to me that your real issue is that there is not unfettered commit access to the main repository for the project. This is true, but that does not mean that CakePHP is not Open Source.

I would love to see an example of an Open Source project that allows *anyone* to commit source code to the main repository that the project uses.

Note that I said MAIN REPOSITORY. I am well aware of how Linux kernel development uses Git.

sbfaulkner said...

A suggestion...

When making statements like these you may want to give reasons and examples... otherwise it sounds like you're just bitching.

Most of what you are complaining about is typical of almost any open source project... someone has to maintain a common vision for the project. If you don't like the way they do things, fork the source code and make your own. If enough people like what you are doing the features will find their way back into the main branch.

Marc Grabanski said...

Mozilla is able to serve up 4 million page views daily with CakePHP ( ). I use CakePHP all the time and have not had problems scaling. I'd be impressed to see a web application built that can't use CakePHP because it is too big. Plus, if you have that big of an application than you should be able to afford the necessary hardware.
Bottom line is that cake saves money and development time.

Jeff Loiselle said...

Wow, you are a self-claiming PHP saint? You just sounds like a jackass.

CakePHP is open source. It's certainly faster than writing my own framework. Anything I don't like, I modify because I'm not an idiot. I am certainly not a poster boy. I use whatever technology I can to get the job done. And since it's open source, if it doesn't get the job done itself, I make it happen.

That's what makes me a programmer and you a complaining idiot.

Fahad Ibnay Heylaal said...

cakephp IS open source.

about the community, everyone wants to help each other and its more active than others.

scaling cant be a issue with cakephp. otherwise mozilla addons site would have crashed long since.

very few frameworks have been able to maintain the quality cakephp has even with php4. thus giving developers more flexibility.

mbavio said...

Just FUD shit!