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Using Sodexo Meal Pass Card in - How-to

How to Use Sodexo Meal Pass Card in

Sodexo started to issue Smart Card similar to Credit Card--instead of their usual paper based vouchers.

I was using Sodexo vouchers for longtime, but it was a big letdown when I can't get some of my unused vouchers renewed. And so, I was somehow happy with their new Meal Pass Card. But, again, it was a big letdown as I can't use it with BigBasket--where I usually use most of my meal coupon vouchers.
SMS message from Sodexo on December 20, 2017 1:18 PM came as a big surprise, as I was waiting for this for longtime:
Great News! Pay with your Sodexo Meal Card for food items ordered from Big Basket. Choose Sodexo in the payment section & pay on delivery.

And so, this month, I tried to use my Sodexo Meal Pass Card in BigBasket.

BigBasket website had not much information; I thought that I have to swipe my Meal Pass Card. Delivery person also didn't have much information; initially he was rejecting my Card! I tried to contact BigBasket customer support, but there were no answers. Delivery person then called up another person who guided him to choose "ESodexo" option in payment modes. Interface looked similar to below:

Here, delivery person has an option to change amount; it was auto-filled with the allowed food coupon limit and I guided him to click "Send SMS/Email" button. I then received, below SMS from BigBasket:
You have initiated an ESodexo transaction. Please click on the link below, which will be active for next 5 mins.

Following the link the SMS, opened a payment form in similar to below:

Note that there is no need to have a physical Sodexo Meal Pass Card; all you need is Card number, Expiry Date, CVV, Card holder name and then in the second page, usual 4-digit PIN.
And, rest of the amount had to be settled in cash.
I really don't know why BigBasket made this roundabout integration--instead of directly integrating this form in their website. Anyway, it is better than nothing!


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