Monday, November 23, 2009

Humble Awards

When I was studying 10th standard, I had a bet with my friend Nalin that A.R.Rahman will become very famous (He was telling me that no one can beat Ilaiyaraaja) Since then I thought about appreciating the people that I think are the best and finally here is the effort. Some people are yet to become famous--but I strongly believe and wish that they'll become famous sooner!

  1. Gaana Rahman - Gaana singer

  2. Dr. A.N. Sreevatsan, ENT specialist

  3. OptiPerl, Windows based IDE

  4. RJ Joshua , Radio Jockey of AIR FM, Chennai

  5. RJ Yazh Sudhakar, Radio Jockey of Suryan FM, Chennai

  6. Discovery Channel's Tamil Interpreters, for the superb Tamil voices & modulations

  7. Savukku, WikiLeaks of India, for the brave news coverage on hidden politics of India, especially Tamil Nadu state

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As far as SAVUKKU is concerned, it is true that he deserves award and your prediction will be true. Since the site is published from USA, he is free from the dangers associated in journalism. His deep knowledge and understanding of the political matters are amazing. - K. ANANTHA NARAYANAN, MADURAI INDIA.