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Comparison and review of MacBook cases and brands

Of late, I have worked on the development of, a website that sells cases, sleeves, covers, bags, etc for Apple MacBook Air/Pro, iPhone, etc. Because of that, people started to ask questions about cases and their reviews. I'll try to summarize my answers here:

i-Blason Vs iBenzer -- what is the premium brand and why?

  • Both i-Blason and iBenzer are from the USA. Hence, both are priced around Rs.3,000/- to Rs.8,000/- 
  • i-Blason is relatively an established brand (and so, they're popular in social media)
  • iBenzer is relatively new compared to i-Blason. But, cost wise and quality wise, iBenzer is much superior to i-Blason. For example, Hexpact by iBenzer is an award winning design at the CES
  • At, we have not received a single return and complaints for iBenzer. But, many times, we have received complaints and returns from customers for i-Blason.

What MacBook Pro/Air case would you recommend and why?

I would personally recommend iBenzer cases without any doubt.

Hexpact series would be best bet in case if you're expecting complete 'fall proof' aka drop resistant. You can even experiment it. It is really super solid. Unfortunately, it is difficult to explain; in layman terms it can be comparable with silicon rugged cases..
iBenzer Hexpact provides complete protection
Check Hexpact in Amazon India and Hexpact in

Neon party series would be better if you prefer to show off your Apple laptop in events and meetings. I would also suggest complementing it with Slickwraps skins. Not to mention that Slickwraps is also from the USA; but their packaging is not that premium when compared to their quality and price.
iBenzer Neon Party series for show off
Slickwraps Wood series skin
Check Neon Party in Amazon India and Neon Party in
Check Wood Slickwraps in Amazon India and Wood Slickwraps in

iBenzer sleeves Vs Amazon basics laptop sleeves -- what is better and why?

iBenzer 'Neoprene' Protective Laptop Sleeve
Obviously, iBenzer. Amazon basics are 'basic' laptop sleeves. But, premium MacBook Air/Pro would deserve iBenzer. Also, it is very difficult to explain the quality difference here. But, if you feel it, you'd definitely appreciate iBenzer. Please also refer to this YouTube video for its quality (if that helps).

Check iBenzer sleeve in Amazon.India and iBenzer sleeve in Vs Amazon India -- what should I use and why? is authorized reseller and genuine importer of these premium brands and focused on premium customers of Apple products and the like. It provides all best services of Amazon like free shipping, easy returns, replacements, etc.

More importantly, many products in are sold for much lesser than Reason is that, Amazon India charges hefty fees from sellers for these laptop accessories categories; but in, these fees are not there and so products are much cheaper and with friendly customer support. (You can test the customer support, if you want!)

Why is that imported Mac gears are costly in India?

First reason is that these premium brands are from the USA; not from China. Another reason is that we have to pay hefty shipping fees and custom duty. However, in, all products are competitively priced as they’re sourced in bulk unlike other retailers. So, best prices are definitely guaranteed here.


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