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Beware of Chennai Book Fair crime - mobile theft

Unfortunately, lost my iPhone 4 that was gifted my boss on Jan 9, 2011 (Sunday) at the Chennai Book Fair held at St.George Anglo Indian School (Opp to Pachayappan college, Poonamalee High Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600 030).

When I visited T.P.Chatram Police Station to file the complaint, I have noted about 20 mobile theft complaint from the visitors of the book fair! So, there is a big chance that a mob is targeting the book fair. Beware!

Steps to be taken (general guideline)

  1. Try to reach the mobile from other phone (to confirm if it's been stolen)

  2. File a complaint with nearest police station

  3. Deactivate your lost SIM with the operator, especially if it's a post paid connection.

Things to be mentioned in police complaint

  1. Handset model

  2. IMEI

  3. Cost of the mobile

  4. Last used SIM (mobile number)

  5. Date and time of loss

  6. Place of loss

  7. Alternate contact details (if the phone is recovered)

Have to receive the CSR (Complaint Statement Receipt(?)) as a receipt.

Chennai city police helplines

  • 9840983832 - Call center polices seem to be more helpful and kind

  • Chennai - Online Complaint - Online facility to file complaints. Personally I feel that even if the complaint is filed at the police station, it's better to file with a note at here. This may hopefully avoid any kind of typo. For the sake of record, when I tried it, the form was silently failing and after hectic try noted that it doesn't accept lengthy subject!


parthasarathy mani said…
Hello Boss... your suggestion was very useful to me. My name is Parthasarathy Mani mob: 9840407696. I lost my Nokia N 97 mobile today (16th Jan 2011). I have registered a complaint with Pallavaram police station. I approached Univercell for claiming theft insurance. I will definitely know what is happening with me. If your interested let me know your mobile / email id
parthasarathy mani

Thanks for your comments. Since you had insurance for your mobile, CSR is enough to claim insurance amount. Unfortunately, I didn't have insurance for the iPhone.
Rahul Nair said…
So did you find your mobile? I lost mine too.In SRM university. The police are helpless. I tried so many ways to trace it. In vain

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