Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fiverr takes unlawful route with PayPal AUP for competition tactics

The hot news is that the Fiverr takes unlawful route with PayPal AUP division to put the competitors in dark by suspending/blocking the site's PayPal accounts.

Problems with Fiverr

  • Fiverr's trademark claims are wrong as they have merely "applied" for

  • Without sending any legal notice to the respective sites, Fiverr is taking PayPal's AUP in hand to close the competitors' accounts

  • Fiverr's trademark applications are looking joke as they're trying to trademark basic English terms like "I will", "gig", "for" and their "DamnQuickPay" is a definite legal contradiction with 1-Click

Problems with PayPal

  • Looks like PayPal's AUP is automated or they won't look at legal dispute papers clearly

  • Without any redefinition on AUP, anybody can suspend or block the competitor's site for sometime

Bottom line

When legally challenged by the competitors, Fiverr or PayPal would have to pay the damages

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