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Getting Deer Park Alpha 1 extensions

I've finally decided to test Mozilla Deer Park Alpha 1 (Firefox 1.1a1). The browser is really cool. They've changed the icon/logo--this is sometimes confusing. Apart from that, the major problem is incompatibility with existing extensions--which can mostly be solved by bumping targetApplication's maxVersion.

I did bumping for few extensions, but finally decided to search for a bit. Interestingly I found few wonderful resources; the best among is 'Unarmed' of mozillaZine forum's PHP script and his online service. The online bumping service is really great; it gets the URL of the extension and the version to be applied in the GET and gives you the bumped/hacked extension. Many extensions worked well--including the popular Web Developer / Webdeveloper extension ; sadly the HTML Validator extension didn't work even after bumping.

Having heavily inspired by the online bumping service, I have written a bookmarklet to access the service. I think the PHP script can be improved especially to handle redirect with CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION. Anyway, it's a nice idea that PHP is used for repackaging XPI; that is to unpack/unzip the XPI files using PEAR Archive_Zip, fix the maxVersion in install.rdf and then packing/zipping it.




Joel Kitching said…
I believe the icon is just for nightly, alpha and beta builds. So expect the icon to revert to its former self in the final 1.5 version.
Joel Kitching:

Thanks for the info. Anyway, now I'm used up with Deer Park Alpha icons:)
Jesse said…
Those people at google sure are nasty when it comes to version checks. I've tried every possible way I could find, but still haven't been able to get the new google toolbar working under Deer Park...

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