Friday, October 07, 2011

Afzal Guru might be innocent -- Savukku

I have stopped reading (Once I called it as WikiLeaks of India) for sometime-- when it started J.J. evangelism after the state elections. But, recently, when I checked, it seems to be back to its core journalism with good hidden truths on Pramakudi incident and articles on death penalty.

Its article on Afzal Guru is first of its kind in media--especially when everyone is crying foul to hang him. In மரண தண்டனையை ஒழிப்போம் 4 (Let's stop death penalty, Part 4) article, it highlights counter theory about police brutality. I have noted that majority of the information are already available on the book written by Afzal Guru available online from website--but not prominent in mainstream media.

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