Sunday, December 05, 2010

SocialAV (Social Antivirus), site to create antivirus

About 5-years ago, I was asked to evaluate Norton and McAfee antiviruses for a purchase decision for the company. I've noted that Norton was quite slow and memory hog and both of them were somewhat in lag to push new detections. At that time, I have suggested Trend Micro and I was happy for about 1-year. Again, I have noted that Trend Micro wasn't pushing signatures in good speed. At that time, I was thinking about crowd power and my crowd power idea was substantiated when a malware attacked company's network through Yahoo! Messenger (which would send crazy automated messages through Yahoo! messenger and would get spread when the link is been clicked). Most of the antiviruses couldn't detect it; but we could able to find the solution over some random forums through Google.

If the people who can supply solutions could come under one roof, it will be a great power and after much of thoughts and iterations SocialAV was born. It was somewhat ready months before and the team could be able to launch of late only, due to other priorities. I strongly believe that with some marketing power, it could become a big thing in couple of years.

The important feature to note is that when added virus database and removal instructions properly, it can auto generate quick patch (aka, antivirus) in Windows Registry Format (REG file), Batch script (bat file) and VBScript file (VBS file)--which would be a time saver when used with care.

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