Friday, December 31, 2010

Magic: T.K.Vadivel Pillai is above Cyril Takayama

Recently, I have been watching Cyril Takayama's magic show in AXN channel. That reminded me of T.K.Vadivel Pillai's magic show in Jaya TV. I have searched Vadivel's name in Wikipedia's Indian magicians article and to my surprise, his name was not present. In my opinion, T.K.Vadivel Pillai's magic is superior than Cyril's--especially, in one show, he could tell the name of the person whom the girl was thinking.

Not really sure, why T.K.Vadivel Pillai could not be as popular as Cyril.

Sidenote: I'm yet to see David Blaine's magic and I still have a gut feeling that Vadivel's would be better.

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Trucos de magia said...

Cyril is great, i don´t know vadivel!