Sunday, October 26, 2008

Save American College, Madurai

This post was written in 2008 and outdated now. For update, please check Save American College, Madurai (Update 2011)

Update (2011-01-16): Save American College, Madurai (Update 2011)

I'm highly privileged to have 3 degrees (B.Sc. (Spl. Physics), PGDCA and MCA) from The American College, Madurai, South India. Unlike other "commercial" colleges, American College has given room for poor students and uplifted them. And unlike other "elite" colleges who'd give seat only for "intellectuals", American College has produced geniuses.

In the recent months, the saddening thing is that the college is under divide (Principal Vs. Bishop). Here is the email I sent to alumnae lately informing about the informations that I received about the developments:

Update (2011-01-16): Save American College, Madurai (Update 2011)


I was thinking that the "Save American College" campaign was a FUD. But, when I tried to understand the problem through my friends, it's a great shock that the college has lost it's greatness--and it seems that the name would deteriorate further. Semester exam is coming in next month--but, still many students are not attending the classes and the revised curriculum wasn't yet approved by board of council.

So, what's the real problem? (Note: my version may also be wrong)

  • Principal (Chinnaraj Joseph) and Bishop (Christopher Asir) were close for sometime

  • There were a power/ego clash started between the two after sometime in decision making (For example, Bishop appointed Prof. Christopher of Mathematics department--who was said to be junior and nephew of Bishop--as a Bursar)

  • Then there comes open allegations between the two

  • Staffs and students had to align with one party

  • Bishop has dismissed Principal (the legality is a question and now on court)

  • Principal party

    • Comprises mostly of 1. Self-financing staffs, 2. Non-teaching staffs, 3. Few of Government staffs. All are boycotting classes for last 2 months.

    • They don't want the Bishop's role in college

    • Headed by Prof. Solomon Pappiah, Prof. Sam George, etc

  • Bishop party

    • Comprises mostly of dioceses people, Government staffs and few self-financing staffs and non-teaching staffs. There is also some feeling that those who don't want to take the risk of their job are this side.

    • They're now controlling the college--taking classes, etc.

    • They're now targeting Self-financing staffs and non-teaching staffs and trying to replace them as they're boycotting the classes.

Who has more power?

It is said that Bishop party has more power and may win the legal case as they have more diocese money. For example, the lady judge has avoided to take the case so far, by going on leave.

Who has more morals?

(According to my sources) Principal. It is also better that Principal party wins the case so that the non-teaching staffs and self-financing staff jobs are not at stake. But, they seems to lack funds and other support.

What you/we may do?

If you think that Principal party has to win legally, you may send funds to Prof. Sam George (retired Zoology Professor and also a popular Indian blogger now) and may also lend supports in other ways.

R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah
95PHY15, 98DCA21 & 99MCA30

Update (2011-01-16): Save American College, Madurai (Update 2011)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rasmus Lerdorf's humbled LinkedIn profile

I recently stumbled upon Rasmus Lerdorf's (creator of PHP) profile in LinkedIn. His profile humbly reads "Developer at PHP".

On the other side, I also stumbled upon
John Resig
's (creator of jQuery) profile in LinkedIn. His profile reads "Creator, Lead Developer at jQuery JavaScript Library".

I'm really surprised by Rasmus Lerdorf's humbleness which reminds me of Dr. Dennis Ritchie's (creator of C) humble email to me. Long live Rasmus Lerdorf and his humbleness.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Solved: Safari Flash full screen issue

Some common problems when trying to use Flash video embed code (e.g., YouTube like embed code)

1. When using lightbox on the page, it's getting hidden behind the Flash video player

Solution: Add wmode="transparent" to the embed tag

2. On IE7, getting "click to activate"

Solution: Inject the embed code through JavaScript. (Useful libraries: jQuery Flash Plugin, SWFObject)

3. XHTML validation issue

Solution: Use unobtrusive JavaScript embedding. (Useful libraries: jQuery Flash Plugin, SWFObject)

4. On Safari the full screen doesn't work -- even if we add allowfullscreen="true" (this is the issue I faced lately and google wasn't helpful). In all other browsers, it works fine.

Solution: Add type="application/x-shockwave-flash" to the embed tag