Saturday, August 16, 2008

Working with Jeremy Zawodny, Alan Knowles, Cal Henderson

My life and career are full of surprise...

  • I wanted to work in film direction

  • Wanted to work in AT&T Bell Labs with Dr. Dennis M. Ritchie (creator of C)

  • Wanted to work in Borland with the great developers of Delphi

But, none of these dreams came true. And, after 6 years of my career into Web Application Development, I informed the company about my humble desire to work with the great minds I came to know through internet--to see if the company can offer employment for them: Jeremy Zawodny, Alan Knowles, Cal Henderson. Peter (who is actually from UK), who approached them updated me that Jeremy cannot join the company due to his marriage and Alan feels that the company may not offer the international salary.

And, my dreams are just dreams!

If anyone wants to work with me, ping me through LinkedIn

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