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Why Google PR is quirky -- Google PR bug

Recently I have been informed that the PageRank provided by pagerankstatus, a Firefox extension is different from official Google Toolbar. Since, I have been slightly involved with the development of this extension, I have studied the reason behind it.

Target site:
Pagerankstatus's PR: 4
Official Google Toolbar's PR: 0
Reason: Google's bug

What pagerankstatus requests: ...features=Rank:FVN...
What Google returns: Rank_1:1:4
Official Google Toolbar (IE)
What Google Toolbar requests: ...features=Rank:...
What Google returns: Rank_1:1:0
Official Google Toolbar (FF)
What Google Toolbar requests: ...features=Rank...
What Google returns: Rank_1:1:0
Google info XML file:
PR inside XML file: 4 (This might be the right PR. Same as of pagerankstatus.)

Conclusion (Google bug)

Official Google Toolbar has downgraded the category/directory option; that's why now not sending "FVN" as "FVN" is for category. But, Googl…

How to pronounce Opera

To my knowledge, most of the people here in India pronounce Opera as Oh-pe-raah. Some software professionals just started a new version of pronunciation: Oh-pey-raah. Because of the confusion, I decided to ask the Opera developers. To my surprise, they told me the right pronunciation of Opera is the first one in That is, the right pronunciation is AH-per-ah

Links How to pronounce Opera?Opera pronunciation (first audio file)Opera Web Browser

Google implemented my suggested features!

It's quite ironic. But, once I had shown enormous interest in Google and did post my suggestions at

What I suggested
Currency They did implement it. Great:)Sitemap -- a sitemap of a given site. They rather implemented different feature named sitemap protocol (pinging spider) They did implement it differentlySearch old Not yet implementedAdvanced interface for Google Unfortunately, they implemented GG2 (broken) :(
But, sadly they didn't fix many bugs that I have reported. Here is one such bug list on broken GG2 (