Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ideal UIMS toolkit or Lightweight PHP frameworks?

When it comes to PHP frameworks, my ideal choice is UIMS kit as mentioned here. UIMS, in my term is a webpage creation kit in which the client/end user can easily create the UI, forms, validations, etc by dragging and dropping (more like Delphi). Though I strongly believe that the future of web application development will totally be driven by UIMS, it needs time and effort to build the UIMS kit. In the meantime, any framework that is lightweight or feature rich is the economic option.

Some of the lightweight PHP frameworks:

The American College, Madurai - Famous alumni

I'm trying to constantly update this list. It should have been titled "remarkable"--instead of "famous".

  1. Prof. Kalyani - Social Activist (link)

  2. Mahendran (birth name: Alexander) - 54PUC?? - film director of Mullum malarum, etc

  3. Prof. Solomon Pappiah - 53TAM?? (link)

  4. M. Vallalar IAS - 84ENG?? - Collector of Dindigul District

  5. Bala - 83TAM?? - film director of Sethu, etc

  6. Vivek (birth name: Vivekanathan) - 78COM?? - comedy actor

  7. Ramki - 78?? - actor

  8. Thota Tharrani - 64PUC?? - art director

  9. Shihan Hussaini - 84ZOO?? - Karate expert and actor

  10. Karu. Palaniappan - 90ENG?? - film director of Partiban Kanavu, etc

  11. Ram (birth name: Rama Subbu) - 93TAM?? - film director of Katrathu Tamil, etc

  12. Shanmugharajan - 99TAM?? - actor (acted in Virumandi, etc

How girls ruin...?

மது, மாது, சூது (liquor, girl, crookedness) - Tamil tantras list down one's reason for fall/collapse. In recent times, I'm hearing many relational breakups and personal collapse due to "girl". Some even seem to have damaged career, business, friends, family, etc. I'm thinking, how come such girls are getting cabal and ruin things... Not to blame it on them--but to blame it on guys...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gen Y workforce, a threat to Indian IT?

I belong to Gen X. I'm noticing high change in the way of thinking and approaches of Gen Y (born after 1982 or 1985) workforce. Whenever I sit for interviews, I feel getting quite old...

Characteristics of Gen Y (as I noted)

  • Freshers

    • Everybody owns mobile phones and laptop. At least using them for 2-years. Only very few people know touch typing.

    • Almost all are interested to start their career in programming; but they don't have any basic knowledge.

    • Most of the people can speak in English. I'm noticing a huge change here; In our generation, many people would be having good programming skill but can't express them in English

    • People from CS aka Computer Science background says that they don't use computer labs as they own laptop. I can remember my college days at The American College, Madurai during my PGDCA and MCA--we often used to demand more lab time. I still remember that I'd run to computer lab by 7am and would still find few guys waiting outside for the lab to get opened and we used to stay there in lab till 9pm. Gen Y guys say that they never done any tiny tools and mini projects.

  • 1-2 years

    • They think that they have contributed more for their job and want to be appreciated. Some even think that they're the experts on the field. This is again a big change--earlier, people would feel that they're freshers when they're under 2-years experience.

    • Everybody feels that they're above of their colleagues.

    • Everybody has social and diplomatic skills. But, they don't keep good friendship with the colleagues.

  • 3-5 years

    • Most of the people feel bored with IT.

    • Even when there's no work pressure, majority feel so.

    • Most of the people want to change their domain.

    • Everybody wants to pursue agriculture. Not sure, if it's a media mayhem.

    • Everybody wants to return to their native in 5-years, to stay with their relatives.

Groupon - Next move?

Sometime ago, I blogged Groupon is chasing GroupDeal, the group buying software platform developed by our team and powers many competitor sites.

Groupon has chased our self servicing platform and introduced as Groupon 2.0/stores. In that concept, to overcome the whitelabel group buying platforms, they have offered 2 types of self-services: promoting via groupon with 30% commission and promoting to followers with 10% commission--eventually focusing everyone to use their defacto platform.

Unlike groupon, as we have already added friends module, what could be groupon's next move after adding self service platform? I have an answer:-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quora, invite me for Groupon clones discussion!

Since, our team developed GroupDeal, a popular group buying platform software that powers many groupon competitor sites, I have started getting good insights from Quora's Groupon Clones topic. Hope, any Quora invite would be helpful for me for some discussion over there; Quora, will you invite me?

Who is RJ Joshua and where is he?

After I have given my Humble Award to RJ Joshua, I have noticed that many people are visiting my blog when they're searching his name in search engines. I used to listen to his English programs on AIR Chennai FM sometime ago; but couldn't get his details on the internet for a long time. Recently I have spotted his photo in and I have stolen that photo too:-) Hope, this little photo of him (with Sanjay Pinto sitting in front) would give good feeling to his fans and well-wishers.

Who is behind (WikiLeaks of India)?

Ever since I've given my Humble Award to Savukku, I've started getting hits about the person behind Savukku website (Julian Assange of Savukku?). In fact, I wasn't aware of the identity of the person behind the Savukku and so I collected the following information.





Previous job

Staff of directorate of vigilance and anti-corruption (DVAC). He was suspended and arrested for alleged leaking of taped conversation

Marital status

Single, living with mother (Heleena told me that she read somewhere about this)




Lifted from shows he's arrested on alleged road rage

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beware of Chennai Book Fair crime - mobile theft

Unfortunately, lost my iPhone 4 that was gifted my boss on Jan 9, 2011 (Sunday) at the Chennai Book Fair held at St.George Anglo Indian School (Opp to Pachayappan college, Poonamalee High Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600 030).

When I visited T.P.Chatram Police Station to file the complaint, I have noted about 20 mobile theft complaint from the visitors of the book fair! So, there is a big chance that a mob is targeting the book fair. Beware!

Steps to be taken (general guideline)

  1. Try to reach the mobile from other phone (to confirm if it's been stolen)

  2. File a complaint with nearest police station

  3. Deactivate your lost SIM with the operator, especially if it's a post paid connection.

Things to be mentioned in police complaint

  1. Handset model

  2. IMEI

  3. Cost of the mobile

  4. Last used SIM (mobile number)

  5. Date and time of loss

  6. Place of loss

  7. Alternate contact details (if the phone is recovered)

Have to receive the CSR (Complaint Statement Receipt(?)) as a receipt.

Chennai city police helplines

  • 9840983832 - Call center polices seem to be more helpful and kind

  • Chennai - Online Complaint - Online facility to file complaints. Personally I feel that even if the complaint is filed at the police station, it's better to file with a note at here. This may hopefully avoid any kind of typo. For the sake of record, when I tried it, the form was silently failing and after hectic try noted that it doesn't accept lengthy subject!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

jobreapr, search better fiverr alternatives at one place

Sometime ago, I blogged that FPPlatform is ahead of other Fiverr clone scripts. FPPlatform, aka Fixed-price platform is a freelance job platform written in PHP/MySQL stack that our team has developed. It's powering many good fiverr alternatives. The panic fiverr then tried to close the competitors through PayPal's AUP through false copyright claim--the problems were sorted out through legal measures of the competitors and I hope, fiverr will be forced to pay damages for alleged copyright claim.

Problems with Fiverr

For sellers, Fiverr charges hefty 20% commission. There are bunch of related complaints about fiverr on the net. Also, on the net can find many buyers complain that sellers in Fiverr are not serious as they would be getting just $4 for every services; sellers have to focus on quantity--not quality to make profit.

Better Fiverr alternatives

FiverrWay, tracks all fiverr competitors and also publishes rank every month. Being competitors, these sites takes lot of measures to keep their users (sellers & buyers) happier than fiverr.

Why jobreapr?

FiverrWay's role would be much helpful for the site owners on how to promote their sites and how they're performing with peers. For buyers and sellers, there was no quick search engine available to have a quick overview about jobs/gigs till jobreapr. jobreapr is developed by our team, with great efforts from Manonmani.

For sellers

  • jobreapr is a good place to find suggestive price for their service (instead of posting cheaper at fiverr)

  • jobreapr is a good place to see which site gets more buy or attention from buyers (more jobs/gigs may not actually mean that there will be more business)

For buyers

  • jobreapr is a good place to find cheap or better service

  • jobreapr's search algorithm uses google like syntax and that helps buyer to quickly find for what they're looking for

There are more features planned and coming up on jobreapr