Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going to vote DMK, unfortunately...

There has been huge cry that AIADMK is going to win coming Tamil Nadu election 2011. I was expecting some third front, but now forced to vote for DMK.

Though insane, I have to choose parties on rejection basis... First set of rejection: 1. BJP, 2. PMK, 3. AIADMK. Parties I like especially for the leaders--not for their ideologies: 1. CPI/CPM, 2. MDMK. Party I wanted to give "chance": DMDMK. Party I wanted to give "chance" just for Rahul Gandhi: (sadly) Congress. Party I don't like: DMK. But, with all above combinations, I'm left with DMK.

Most stupid fellows on this election are: 1. CPI/CPM, 2. MDMK, 3. DMDMK

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